Citizen Burger Disorder

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Hey dudes, I'm currently spending my time working on a new site layout. The current design (which this message is also pushing out to, and I'm really just posting this to test my new content submission tools) was made in half a day, and it really doesn't hold up to either short-term or long-term use.

And, just between you and me, it's also so I can fix the attrocious account creation system and generally secure user accounts enough to be able to hand out account upgrades for premium subscriptions... or something like that. I haven't worked out how I want to monetise CBD, because generally the term "monetise" is super gross and the primary goal for the game is to, y'know, make a game. But if I decide to run a Kickstarter, or put the game on Steam, or whatever ends up happening, I want to make sure the site can handle a bit more abuse.

Oh and you can follow me on @atAmpersatKritz if you want to see me talk about... video games and building websites, or whatever it is I do when I'm not working on CBD.