100k Registered Users!

Hey duders,

The site hit (in no small part to the traffic generated from a whole range of youtubers) 100,000 registered users sometime yesterday. While we can all be certain that there's a massive amount of duplicate accounts out there - an artifact of a pretty shady registration system that will eventually be fixed - the numbers are still pretty staggering!

We also coincidentally hit 250,000 total burger orders completed across all players! That's a lot of burgers, y'all. On average, most players complete around 7 burger orders, and you can check the stats page to see who's been playing this game way too much.

As many of you probably have noticed, the game isn't going to be updated for a few more months. That's just an unfortunate side effect of a final semester of university, and ideally once exams are done I'll start kicking out updates. The new site design is still in the works, although building a website isn't much easier than building a game, time-wise.

Thanks to all the users who're posting bug reports in the forum, I'm not responding to everything that gets posted but I try to read them when I can. At the least it's going to be a great starting point for when I get back on the horse.

Finally, check out some of these cool videos being made for CBD!

(and also

(Etalyx was the first person to do a CBD video way back in Janurary, along with Jerma! You can see a follow up video here:


It's amazing how much attention a game that hasn't updated in six months can get!