Development GIFs of January

I thought it'd be cool if I posted some SWEET ANIMATED GIFS of the game's development! But, first off,

I've started something special that might make it into the final release! (No promises :P)


The first test of the game's new knife

This all seems to be going well- oh, except that

Click through to see more GIFs! (Because if I embed all these on the main page anyone using chrome is going to have a baaaad time)

Hey there! Welcome to GIF LAND!

Finally, everything's working! Everyth- oh.

Rats! Stop touching things! I'm trying to test. :(

Godspeed, flaming cupboard rat. Godspeed.


And finally,

Lettuce never speak of this moment again

Thanks for joining me on this GIF-trip of development bugs and sneak peaks into features that don't work yet! Remember, you can follow me on my twitter account, @atAmpersatKritz, for more GIFs, videos and development talk! I'll try and do another one of these in a month's time as a way of keeping you all updated! :D