A note on registration emails

Hi guys,

I've noticed that only gmail users (and occasionally yahoo users) are able to receive verificaiton emails from the site. I'm looking into this issue now and I'll try to get it resolved soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


HELLO WORLD got a facelift. And like any responcible programmer, I am going to sleep immediately after making DRAMATIC CHANGES TO EVERYTHING so I won't actually get to support anyone's issues until 15 hours from now! AMAZING.

So, here's the stuff you might want to know:

  • You no longer need to have .php at the end of site URLs!
  • You need to revalidate your email address. I've made the user account creation a lot tighter, and as such, having a mandatory email is going to save a lot of drama later down the road if anyone needs a password recovered and also for some future plans I might implement.
  • The stats page is gone for a bit, I'll bring it back once the server stability get sorted out!
  • You can view individual stats in the profile page and link others the account

I'll roll out more updates to the site as time progresses, but for now I'm happy with the basics.

Please report any issues you have with the site on the forum and if you can provide screenshots that'll be great!

Server's Exploding

Y'all probably noticed, the site isn't staying up as much as it probably should be. I'm working on fixing the issue, but I can't garantee anything.

I never planned for this kind of site-crushing demand for my silly burger game. :P

Follow me @atAmpersatKritz if you want a slightly more stable way of contacting me, or just enjoy seeing me panic.